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When the world tells you you shouldn’t, but your heart tells you you should, 


believe you can

achieve what matters

If you are an ambitious woman with big goals and even bigger talent,

but feel like you would have been better served by learning business acumen in school instead of geometry (I mean seriously, when’s the last time you fell back on your parallelogram skills), 

this mastermind was created for you.

Running a business requires an abundant amount of skills that few of us were ever taught. From business planning to goal execution, deciding what clients you want to serve to target marketing, from growing your confidence to asking for what you’re worth, sales, managing finances, hiring and delegating… these are all necessary skills to grow and scale your business.

But who has the time to learn them all? And how will you know if it’ll work?

The Honor Your Ambition mastermind will equip you with tangible, actionable learnings, and takeaways that you can test and implement in your business immediately.

you provide the ambition.
We'll provide the acumen.

With a collective 40+ years of executive experience training new business owners, thousands of clients coached, and multiple millions of dollars of revenue generated, Honor Your Ambition founders are sharing the secrets of their success

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who is this for?

If any of the following statements apply to you, you're in the right place!

My business is profitable and growing, but it’s time to take it to the next level (like how do I double this thing?!?)

I love being independent, but I miss being able to brainstorm ideas, get feedback, and collaborate with others

I adore my friends, but would love to have a place where I’m surrounded by women who are as ambitious and career focused as I am

Most of my coaches, mentors, competitors, and counterparts are men… and their way of doing things doesn’t always resonate with me. I’d love to hear how successful women are honoring their ambition

I’m passionate about my work but want to avoid burnout and be able to serve more people

I work hard and I want to make sure I am working proactively in the direction of my goals 

I have the ambition, talent, and passion, but would benefit from growing my business acumen


who is this not for?

Please note that this mastermind is not designed for the following:

Women business owners that have already surpassed the $500k net income/ profit (not total revenue) mark… while we applaud your success, our goal is to support women who are still working to get there

Women who only want to sitback, observe and research. We are all about being prepared but we also know confidence is built through action. This will be a collaborative, engaged, and action oriented community

Like anything in life, you’ll get out what you put in, so make sure you can make most of the live discussions before you commit!

Honor your Ambition

what to expect

You will participate in a 12 week intentional mastermind with facilitated content + open discussion designed to honor your ambition and grow your business acumen.  

Exposure to THREE experienced and effective business coaches working WITH you to implement strategies and tactics

Weekly 45 minute MASTERmind education sessions (12 total), facilitated by an HYA coach - click here for schedule

Plus four 90 minute masterMIND peer growth sessions, designed to share successes, solve problems, get input, and create action plans. Think of it as a business support group (bring your own wine) 

Engaging content (no boring lectures) with active conversations among like-minded women

Private members only community page on Facebook

The faith to see beyond your current reality and the framework to bring your vision to life

The $1,800 investment in YOURSELF will pay off in increased revenue, confidence, and expanded network (because when has investing in YOU ever NOT paid off?) 

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It  takes courage to grow.  


- allison e.

I have had the pleasure of working with this amazing group of experts and thought leaders for over half a decade and individually each of them are a force to be reckoned with. The fact that they have all banded together to bring an offer to market that combines their collective strengths is just too good to be true!!!

- Carrie D. 

I have been able to think bigger and gain a clear vision of what is possible both personally and professionally. I'm both encouraged and inspired to be bold in honoring my ambition!

- hannah a.

I've built systems and processes that have reduced my day to day stress of running my business and have both a quarterly vision and a long-term vision that excites me, and is based on what I want to achieve rather than what others want me to achieve.

- Sydney K.

It's women like you who inspire me every single day to show up as my highest self & never give up on my dreams.



Leadership Executive

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Speaker, Confidence Sherpa

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Goal Achievement Coach

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Nicole Kalil

Prior to her career as a Speaker, Coach, and Host of the “This Is Woman’s Work” podcast, Nicole spent most of her professional life with a Fortune 500 company, where her passion for leadership led her to become the first female Chief Development Officer in 160-year company history.

She has coached several hundred leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners (who happen to be women), and speaks across the nation on the topics of Confidence, Failure, and Time Management.

Maintaining harmony in her different roles of mother, wife, and business owner successfully is an ongoing challenge, and choice management is a much more important skill today than it ever was....

Speaker, Confidence Sherpa

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About Nicole:

Lesle Griessel

Lesle Griessel is a leadership executive and the founder and principal of LongView Leadership. Lesle Griessel is a trailblazer and teacher of leadership and growth strategies. Beginning her career as an intern, she pioneered a path including innovating roles in route to becoming the first female Associate Managing Partner appointed within a Fortune 100 company.

Today, Lesle strives to joyfully inspire and empower people to achieve results on purpose. She is passionate about leading others to success in their own careers. Lesle launched the Women Advisor Group and Diversity and Inclusion Council for her organization, is a founder and Executive Committee Board member of the Women’s Field Association and has spoken to multiple conferences both nationally and internationally.

Leadership Executive

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About lesle:

Kristin Burke

Kristin Burke's mission is to help others maximize their potential and achieve their definitions of success. As a goal achievement coach, Kristin collaborates with women, entrepreneurs and leaders to accomplish breakout performances. Her clients excel with goal clarity, grow their confidence and consistently pursue progress in the direction of their goals. Kristin also hosts the Elite Achievement podcast. 

After working over a decade in a male-dominated industry, Kristin is passionate about empowering women to advance professionally. Her curiosity for women having it all blossomed in graduate school, where she authored her thesis on work-life balance. After concluding that the very word "balance" communicated an unrealistic reality, she started her quest to help others understand how to thrive personally and professionally. 

Goal Achievement Coach

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How much time will this mastermind take? 

Over 12 weeks, you will invest in a weekly 45 minute MASTERmind session with your HYA coaches, plus 4 additional 90 minute masterMIND sessions with your peers. Click here to see the schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

what happens after the mastermind?

Retreats, membership opportunities, continued growth groups, world domination (we’re ambitious women… the possibilities are endless)

Stay tuned!

What happens if I can’t attend a live session?

Please do your best to commit to the sessions… we know you’ll get far more when you attend live vs. listening to a recording. Having said that, we know ambitious women are busy women, so if you need to miss a session or two of the MASTERmind (weekly) sessions, you will have access to a recording. The four masterMIND peer growth sessions will not be recorded, so please plan accordingly.

Have more questions? Email us at 



Join us for a 12 week intentional mastermind with facilitated content + open discussion designed to honor your ambition and grow your business acumen.